Bachelorette (Hen) Party

Hello, hello, hellooo!

Stressful times ahead for me! My sister is getting married soon and as maid of honour, I am i charge of organising her bachelorette party.

Fun, someone might think…well, not for me! You see, not only I am almost 2500 km away from home, which means I have to organise everything from London, and, on top of that, there is literally nothing to do in my hometown.

As if that is not enough, my sister is one of those persons who doesn’t like to drink or dance or talk about anything sexual – and thank god for that because she is still my sister!

So I asked myself WWAMD (What Would A Millennial Do)? In Google I trusted! However, everything I found was pretty useless in my case. No, we can’t go to a spa as my sister and I will be on our period. No, we can’t go clubbing as there are people leaving their children at home and the nearest place is an hour away. No, we can’t rent a limo and go somewhere too far away because everyone is working the next day. No,no, no! You see my problem?

I have the basic stuff for a bachelorette, like a sashes and a veil, but everything remotely funny, wedding related, and not sexual is in English and nor my sister or her friends can speak or understand a word of it.

After a long and extenuating search, I bought  some bits and pieces (thank god for Amazon!!!), which I hope will make that night fun and enjoyable! First thing first, I bought this game called Stick the Willy, which needs no explanation 😉  Then, since my sister doesn’t want any stripper and I would have the faintest idea where to find one (remember I live in a hole in the middle of nowhere), I also bought a life size cutout of Stephen Amell, the guy who plays the Green Arrow, since he is her celebrity crush.


Finally, I also bought a sprocket – which I am obviously going to keep – to use to take some pictures during the night which we will then stick on a photo album on which everyone can write a message. Naturally, I couldn’t not buy the photo booth props to take said pictures!


Now, the only thing missing is some games/pranks to embarrass the bride to be and some sort of ‘punishments’ that doesn’t involve alcohol or flirting with strangers.  Let me tell you, it is extremely hard to find something funny, that would embarrass my sister but not too much.

If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome! You can leave them in the comments below and maybe we can help each other out if you need to organise a bachelorrete party as well!

Ciao for now!